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Berivan Erdoğan is an artist and filmmaker originally from Norway, now living in Gothenburg. Her work mainly concerns gender and power relations within a multicultural society, with a specific focus on topics of masculinity and violence. In 2020 Berivan recieved a grant allowing her to develop the project "The vulnerability of an artistic process", which adds another layer of fact/fiction to her metafilm “Ang. Berivans Film”, playing with roles and expectations around author and audience, victim and perpetrator. 

Her films have been screened at Göteborg Film Festival, SAQMI the Swedish Archive of Queer Moving Images, Faroe Pride, Umeå European Film Festival, Oslo Kunstforening, Høstutstillingen and Khartoum Contemporary Art Center in Oslo.

From the contemporary art scene, Berivan borrows a strong conceptual stringency, but she also makes room for the atmospheric and purely aesthetic. Subconscious processes meet critical thinking and awareness on an equal footing. Her experience working with identity and social roles served her well as costume designer for our feature Butiken, and we are happy to let her unleash the full scope of her artistic talents in an upcoming short film produced by Maja Ginday.

Berivan Erdoğan

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