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Hemen Kurda, a filmmaker in exile, returns to his native Iraqi Kurdistan, hoping to help refugee children process the trauma of war through filmmaking workshops. Given cameras, the children shoot reenactments of the ISIS terror they’re so familiar with. But soon conflicts start to arise between the children who received cameras and the ones left without. Hemen is struck by the futility of meddling in conflicts that are global and structural. Forced to reflect on his own position and motivations, he realizes that this was just as much about dealing with his own traumatic past.

Director: Hemen Kurda

Supporting director: Ami-Ro Sköld

Producer: Ami-Ro Sköld, Karin Ekberg

Editor: Patrik Forsell

Film type: Feature

Category: Documentary

Language: Swedish, Kurdish

Production country: Sweden

Premiere: 2023/2024 (estimated)

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